Naoto Date (伊達直人) is the main protagonist of the original Tiger Mask manga and anime series.

Place and date of birth Edit

According to the manual in the Japanese box LD, Naoto Date is 22/23-year-old, while Ruriko Wakatsuki, who was born on June 4th, 1951, according to episode 88 of the anime series, is 20/21-year-old, then two years younger than him. The shoeshine child in the anime ending theme is him in Hiroshima, as it was recalled by Daigo Daimon in episode 38. Then, he was born in Hiroshima in 1949, and if he was still alive during the Tiger Mask W timeline, from toward the ending of 2016 to summer 2017, he was 67/68-year-old.

Speculation Edit

This is a simple speculation, however, if Naoto was unmasked before all and returned forever Yellow Devil, there was only an unknown place where he could go after had brutally killed Tiger the Great as an animal on the night of September 3rd, 1971: to live with American Joe, the old man from episode 63, who lived alone in a cottage in Mississippi mountain and, when he was young, had been to America and been ever active as a wrestler.

In December 1970, Tiger Mask fought against The Demon with such incomplete mental state. Among the audience, there was one old man who criticized Tiger: "Not good! Not good! I'm not interesting because it's fight of a toy tiger!" Been anxious about him, Naoto followed him hidden his true character after the fight. Naoto visited a cottage where American Joe lived and was told stories further about the fights of Joe's young age: the battle against a buffalo, the death match on field covered snow. They were the battles which were violently but concentrated on the entertainment in the West which reclaimed frontier spirits thickly. Old Joe had noticed that Naoto was Tiger Mask. He blamed Tiger Mask because of lack the concentration in the fight on that day, because pro-wrestling must be serious fight and he must not be reserved with opponent at all. By this word, Naoto reflected that his thought was wrong. A huge bear appeared there suddenly. In the end of hard battle, Naoto succeeded in dropping this bear under the cliff. Watching this all, Joe praised him that the concentration is the most important. Naoto talked with Old Joe in the cottage all night, and next morning, he got off mountain having refreshing feeling.

Then, because American Joe was the only foreign who had discovered his true identity and all his younger fights were just like the one against Tiger the Great, Naoto could surely go to live with him, hiding from the world even after Joe's death.

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