Red Death Mask (レッドデスマスク) is a supporting character in the anime series Tiger Mask W.

Biography Edit

Abilities Edit

A skilled user of the "Grip Claw" technique, Red Death Mask has great upper body strength, enough to lift up another man with one hand. He also has exceptional grip strength, so he can easily tear through the skin of another wrestler, to the point that he almost crushed another wrestler's skull in the process. He also balanced both of his hands to perfect his gripping technique, since in wrestling standards, the Claw grip is closely considered a right-hand only submission grip. 

Finisher Moves Edit

  • Red Death Claw - While gripping a wrestlers face, he applies pressure until he tears through the skin.
  • Red Death Drop - While holding the opponent in the Red Death Claw, he jumps up while holding them and then slams them into the mat.

Moves Edit

  • Stomach Claw - While the opponent is lying prone on the mat, he grips there stomach, attacking ther abdomen.

Trivia Edit